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Historic images of bacterial plant diseases

by Bevan Weir
bean common bacterial blight

We have recently scanned and added to our database many historic images of bacterial plant pathogen diseases.

The ICMP culture collection is very useful as a store of living cryo-preserved fungal and bacterial cultures. These can be used for experiments, or DNA extracted and genes or genomes sequenced as needed. But cultures of plant pathogens are abstracted from the disease that they cause, that’s why in the PDD Fungarium we store dried specimens of plant diseases, they show exactly what the symptoms of plant diseases look like.

We also have a filing cabinet full of photos taken of bacterial plant diseases (mostly taken in the 1960s), these were recently digitally scanned and loaded on to our databases, often they can be associated with a living culture in the ICMP collection.

Some examples are:

These images are also available on the global GBIF website:

All of these images are licenced as “CC BY 4.0” which means they can be reused by anyone with attribution to Manaaki Whenua.

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